✅Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light [Rechargeable Battery] with 36 LED for Smart Phone Camera Round Shape, White Idaho

By ale

January 23, 2021

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Look Flawless in Your Selfies: This little light is all about making your selfies best! The light gives soft illumination without harsh light. It’s like having a professional studio photographer whenever you feel the sudden urge to selfie. Step Up Your Selfie Game: Photos are all about lighting! Using the flash that comes with cell phones is a big big no no. This is why you need this selfie ring light! Just clip it on your phone and you are on your way. Make Your Life Easier: No more worry about replacing batteries; No more worry about finding the perfect lighting; No more worry about scratching of your devices as it is designed with scratch-resistant sponge which also prevents it from falling off. Multi Usage, Work Amazing! You will be able to make videos at night or take great selfies in dark areas; you can use it with your rear camera to have high fidelity photos; you can also use it as torch,emergency light, making up light and even more! Who hasn’t taken a selfie and ever said I wish I had more light? Well, this little camera ring was made for that. in California Georgia Illinois Maine Arkansas


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