✅Marcy Multi-Position Utility Bench with Adjustable Hyper-Extension Anchor, 250-lb Max. Capacity Home-Gym Equipment PM-4880, Black Minnesota

By Thecrazyironmonger

February 23, 2021

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PREMIUM STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This workout bench has a durable construction that’s made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, providing a gear that’ll let you get the most out of your workout. The sturdy frame can accommodate a user weighing up to 250 pounds. MULTI-POSITION BENCH: You can set up the gear in a way that’s tailored to your current program; place the bench in a military, incline, decline, or flat position as well as converting it to a slant board with a simple adjustment. Hyper-Extension Anchor: The equipment has an adjustable anchor that lets you change its height to offer ample support while you’re performing hyperextensions. The various adjustment options allow for customized fits for individual users. COMPACT AND PORTABLE: This gear is built to facilitate easy transport. The bench’s foldable structure allows you to conveniently store it in corners so that it won't take up too much space when it’s not in use. FULL-BODY WORKOUT STATION: This utility bench can be used for a variety of exercises and training programs. Pair it with a rack or a cage or use it with free weights, hand weights, dumbbells, and other exercise gear to target specific muscle groups. in Connecticut Arizona Florida Maryland Montana

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