✅The B.I.G. Company Beard Oil – Regal Vanilla Scent – with Jojoba Oil New Hampshire

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March 4, 2021

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HYDRATES TO PROTECT AGAINST HAIR LOSS – Our beard conditioning oil offers 24-hour hydration that helps stop unhealthy, excessive hair fall. It also leaves your beard and moustache with the perfect sheen. PROMOTES FACIAL HAIR GROWTH AND HEALTH – It contains black seed oil which supports healthy and faster hair growth. With every application, you are closer to achieving your desired beard length. REPAIRS DAMAGED STUBBLE – It effectively restores and softens brittle hair. It helps untangle stubborn frizz and seals off split ends. SHIELDS SKIN FROM ACNE BREAKOUTS – Black seed oil is responsible for improving acne-prone skin. It serves as an anti-aging component, too, while it rids your skin of itch as hair grows. This also hinders the development of beard dandruff. HIGHLY ABSORBABLE NON-GREASY FORMULA – Our scented facial hair oil is the perfect balance between moisturization and absorption. It locks in moisture as it absorbs quickly. in Iowa Florida Delaware Alabama Indiana

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