✅100 Plastic Tamper Seals, Numbered Zip Ties for Fire Extinguisher Pull Tite Security Tags Disposable Self Locking Signage 250mm (Red) Alabama

By luciano

April 7, 2021

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Application: the plastic tamper seal are suitable for fire extinguisher, first aid kit, luggage, suitcase, cloth, shoes, bags, sacks, storage, sprinkler systems, tractors and trailers, cash bags, vote box, donation box, vehicle doors, TIR cables, curtain side buckles, storage bins, ID tags Printing: the zip ties are laser printed with default serial number in White letters, more visible and beautiful. Offer logo customize when purchase over 1000 pcs Function: the tamper seals can offer added seurity seals to the contents. Tracking the inventory with the ID number Easy to use: Pull up ties, one-piece construction. Self-locking and hand-breaking up, easy application. No need to use tools Pull tight security tag seals with adjustable locking length. Once inserted permanently blocked, dateless and very safe in Idaho Massachusetts Maryland Georgia Mississippi

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