✅OraWellness Shine Remineralizing Natural Teeth Whitening Powder, Tooth Stain Remover and Polisher with Kaolin Clay Powder, Fresh Mint Missouri

By mikel

April 7, 2021

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WHITEN TEETH NATURALLY and gently, using white kaolin clay powder to effectively whiten, clean and polish teeth without damaging tooth enamel REMOVE TOOTH STAINS from common staining foods and drinks including coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries and more - even on veneers or fillings; white Kaolin clay has been shown from dental research to be the most effective whitener WHILE being gentle on enamel HELP PROTECT AGAINST FUTURE TOOTH DECAY, remineralize teeth and restore lost minerals naturally with the exact same minerals that our teeth are made of, using a unique delivery method to bring minerals exactly to where our teeth need the support OVER 3 MONTH SUPPLY, one of our 60 gram/2oz jars of Shine will last for 200 uses, or over 3 months is used 2x daily; certified gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, rice free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free TO USE: Add Shine to a moistened toothbrush (do not dip your brush inside the container); brush as normal for general remineralizing support; focus on the front teeth first to increase whitening benefit; swish with Shine after brushing for extra remineralizing support. Note: Shine is not vegan friendly. in Louisiana New Hampshire Minnesota Montana Mississippi

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